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Receiving an “Unhandled Registry Error (CFO)” after upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10.

Several users who upgraded to Windows 10 and didn’t do a fresh EccoPro installation received an “Unhandled Registry Error (CFO)”:

The “Unhandled Registry Error (CFO)” is a Registry permission problem. It has to do with Windows updates or upgrades which changes Registry permissions.

If you attempt a reinstallation of EccoPro the regular Windows uninstaller doesn’t do a thorough enough job to eliminate old registry entries and therefore you will receive Registry Errors.

As with other programs, a regular Windows uninstallation did not remove “Registry” remnants of a prior installation. Uninstall EccoPro from the control panel and run “regedit” from the command prompt. Make sure everything under HKEY_CURRENT_USER ->Software -> NETMANAGE -> Ecco is removed before you attempt a new EccoPro installation.

Make sure your operating system is 64-bit. Close every open program including the Virus Scanner and try to use the 64-bit Installer EccoProX version (right-click and run the “EccoProX64 – Installation.msi” as Administrator in C:\EccoPro64) and see if you get EccoPro running and the Unhandled Registry error disappears.