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We just released the 64-bit Installer with Slang’s latest Extension Version available at Let’s clear up a popular misconception discussed at our Yahoo Sister Board. The one-click 64-bit Installer installs a 32-bit EccoPro version 4.01 enhanced with Slang’s famous Ecco Extension. EccoPro’s native code is a 32-bit design. Here are the advantages to use the 64-bit Installer package to install 32-bit EccoPro for Ecco Newcomers and Pro’s alike:

The convenient fully automated setup avoids the manual installation of folders and files in a 64-bit operating environment. The Installer takes care of all necessary file and folder permissions, offers a useful uninstallation option through the Windows Control Panel and will allow you to use Ecco’s Help menu by installing MS Help updates necessary for Vista, Windows 7/8 and 8.1. It will also map your phone book contacts business and home addresses to location and weather maps. Furthermore, we included an EccoPro template by Wil Ussery named “Control.ect” based on the book “Master Your Workday Now!” by Michael Linenberger.