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Ecco Pro’s strength lies in the ability to organize information in user-defined outlines. Lawyers’ personalities and practice areas come in all shapes and sizes. There is not only the daily grist of a lawyer’s practice-appointments, telephone numbers and notes, important is the ability to customize the layout for the most efficient use and to view outline information in the context of related information.

Scott Rosenberg wrote: “I still use Ecco Pro – I am addicted to outlining – every day, and I pretty well ran my solo law practice with it”

The State Bar of Arizona recommended: Products that are not legal-specific but can readily be adapted for a law firm use include EccoPro, which includes a collapsible outline function popular with many attorneys for its similarity to their own thinking pattern.

To serve our clients, we created a new billing template to fulfill the need for a uniform set of billing and task categories – detailed describers of activities and expense codes according to the American Bar Association that would be acceptable to both law departments and firms, and that could prevail across American industry, financial services, and commerce.
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