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How Impossible Dreams Can Destroy Value In Mid-Sized Firms
        – Forbes article published on 05/30/2013
LinkedIn exchange between Zvi Alon ex-CEO of NetManage and Friedhelm Dohmann:

    • Friedhelm Dohmann Friedhelm Dohmann @ZviYou decided in 1997 watching the playing field and competing with Microsoft to sell NetManage for lack of possible future profits, a right decision at the right time. You forgot one badly treated asset in NetManage’s portfolio, the Information Manager EccoPro, the original dream of Arabesque, acquired a year earlier. Once Microsoft started charging for Outlook, EccoPro would have been a perfect fit for today’s mobile information environment. Since 1997 worldwide 7000 dedicated EccoPro users understood the incredible value created by Arabesque, improved the last NetManage release and adjusted their beloved program to today’s operating systems, including Windows 8.
    • Zvi Alon Zvi Alon Thank you for the note, I am also full of joy to realize the strong (7000) support for the expanded vision NetManage brought to Arabesque’s creation, as well as the progress it made. Too bad I am now on the Mac and I will not be able to join the party. In one of my positions, Chairman of BIA Protect – Electronic Discovery, the legal space, I wish we could have helped in advancing the reach to more users. Best Zvi