The exclusive Ecco Edition of MyPhoneExplorer enables two-way synchronizations of EccoPro, Outlook, GMail, Thunderbird, Lotus Notes, Windows Contacts and Windows Calendar between your Desktop and Android Phones and Tablets. Install the necessary Android component “mpeclient.apk” available with your setup files or download and install the free MyPhoneExplorer Client from the Google Play Store.


Connect your phone over WiFi, USB cable or Bluetooth and you will be able to manage your Android Phone’s memory, files, contacts and text messages from your PC. The client loads quickly and it takes just a couple of seconds for the phone to connect with the PC. The Android application runs in the background and does hardly use any of your available memory.

You can edit your phone contacts as well as send text and email over the phone from your desktop and check on your desktop whether a message has been received by your contact. You can also review the latest incoming and outgoing call numbers. You can call these numbers, write text messages or email, search for numbers and addresses in your phonebook, add new numbers to contacts or export your contacts, a very useful addition should you lose your Phone. MyPhoneExplorer will not only synchronize your data but will also save all your contacts to a “.csv” file, which can be imported into a new phone at any point.


Connected to your Android calendar, you have the option of managing and editing your appointments on your PC. New Microsoft Outlook, EccoPro or Windows Calendar entries are automatically synchronized with your phone and can be edited later on your Android device. Already existing appointments get transferred at the start-up of the client from the phone to the PC Calendar of your choice so that the program is always up-to-date. You also have the option of importing or exporting your calendar data just in case. Here is a PDF which will show you the field mapping between EccoPro and your Android device.

The built-in file manager will give you a view of all files on your device and on your Android memory card. Just a click of your mouse will transfer all your photos to your PC. You have the option of moving entire folders from your memory to your PC as well as upload new files from your computer to your phone. MyPhoneExplorer will tell you how much memory is left on your phone and on your SD card

MyPhoneExplorer Features:

  • Adressbook – with direct sync to Ecco, Outlook, GMail, Windows contacts, Thunderbird, Lotus Notes
  • Calendar – with direct sync to Ecco, Outlook, Google, Thunderbird, Windows Calendar, Lotus Notes, and net shared calendars (WebDAV, FTP, local)
  • Synchronize Ecco Tasks and Ecco Notes with MPE Tasks and MPE Notes
  • Synchronization of Ecco Outlines, TLI’s and unlimited sub-items to MPE Notes
  • SMS Messages – Send, Archive, Export, Import Messages of any length
  • Android File Browser with Cache System to minimize Data Transfer, Automatic Photo synchronization
  • Full backup of your Android device, including Files and Applications
  • and much more. i.e.: Call Lists, Edit Profiles, Control Phone, Memory Status, Phone Monitor

Best of all, compared to the available free version the US Version of MyPhoneExplorer ads EccoPro Synchronization and is tested “Malware, Bloatware and Adware Free”. To order and download MyPhoneExplorer please click the button below:


We credited all accounts who donated to our MyPhoneExplorer Development Fundraiser. Account holders with credit should go through the regular order process, the credit will be applied automatically!

Install the desktop version first and explore/browse through the MyPhoneExplorer menus. Start with File -> Settings -> Connection and follow to configure the -> Sync to choose the Synchronization of your choice. After the MyPhoneExplorer Client download from the Android Google Play Store install the Client on your Android device, start the Client, check the options how to sync your “Contacts” on the Client “Settings” screen and connect the client to the MyPhoneExplorer Contact/Calendar software on your Desktop. For your first “Sync” make sure you checkmark “Show Confirmation window before MyPhoneExplorer makes any changes” under the “Advanced” button. Right Click your Desktop and click on Gadgets to activate your MyPhoneExplorer Gadget convenient for sending SMS messages from your Desktop over your phone connection.

To help you with your first attempt to synchronize EccoPro with your Android device click our YouTube tutorial in full screen and high definition here. To quickly synchronize TLI’s and Subitems of EccoPro Notepads and Calender entries to MPE Notes on your Android device visit