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Today, May 17 is the 20th Anniversary of the release of EccoPro. On that day in 1993 Arabesque published a Press Release signed by Delayne Giardini.

EccoPro Version 1

Delayne, who now lives in Mexico, wrote me 4 weeks ago: “Friedhelm…, what are you planning for the anniversary? Do you know Blair Bryant? He was the Marketing Manager at Arabesque when we launched Ecco. Also, Walt Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal was a big fan 20 years ago. It would be interesting to chat with him about Ecco.
Cheers, Delayne”.

Thanks to all EccoPro devotees, including both Yahoo support groups, the beta tester and those who carry for many years the main burden of answering daily support messages. Not to forget the developers, YSWT, Slang with his Ecco Extension or Franz Josef in Austria. Source: News Release May 17, 1993.