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EE’s feature set is richer than we know. Discovery is on-going. Tests are confirming EE has made Ecco more or less bullet proof when you stay on a prescribed path of ‘operational behavior’. I am building this behavior pattern’ into the EverEcco template as best I can. The template is designed to guide the user sufficiently so that if he/she makes 10 entries per day, a single Ecco file will last 20 years before becoming truly full.

Simply put: Ecco has internal “old school’ 16 bit memory registers that create bottlenecks and will never go away. Heck, the graphics engine in Ecco is only 8 bit. I learned this the hard way making new icons. The fact you can make icons but have to work in an Indexed 256 or less color scheme is another “non-detailed EE feature”.

So there is some ancient code inside Ecco. But Multi-View and MyPhoneExplorer extend Ecco to the Internet, and EE gives us memory work-a rounds, program-ability, and database and spreadsheet features. EverEcco’s goal – both as a template and as a documentation project – is to tie-together and exploit the sum-total of 25 years of individual and group effort.

But even Slang didn’t work in a vacuum. He’d make changes to EE, post them and get feedback. And that was when the Yahoo forums were barely good enough to allow that sort of 2-way interaction. Now with “Yahoo Neo”, hitting ‘send’ is like casting-off a message in a bottle. I am not supposed to be stranded on an island. Because of the ‘ever-flow’ structure, if a post is not answered within a day or two continuity is lost. Because of the abysmal Search tools and no way to do Headlines or Sticky Notes, there’s no good way to build topics for group discourse.

To go to the EverEcco forum just click on EverEcco on the sidebar under Forums.

Mark Heleniak