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EccoProX combines the installation of EccoPro and Slang’s free Ecco Extension. To use EccoProX you have nothing new to learn but you have access to many new features. The regular 32-bit EccoPro 4.01 is patched by Slang’s Ecco Extension.

EccoExt is not an independent piece of software, it relies on and modifies the original version of EccoPro, you might call it EccoPro v6.0 or v7.0.

Thanks to the incredible work of Slang over many years, countless new features of the Ecco Extension will ‘ENHANCE’ the native EccoPro program unnoticeable until you load the program without EccoExt and find something uncomfortable.

Present EccoPro Users adding the Ecco Extension need to know four steps:

Click here for a free Download of Eccoext Version On our request the Ecco Extension Version was cleared by Symantec, Vipre, Avast, TrendMicro and Bitdefender and Version by TrendMicro as of February 16, 2016. Otherwise you might have to white-list “eccoext.exe” in your Virus Scanner.

Click here for a free Download of the most current Eccoext Version

Slang’s Disclaimer: The author Slang shall NOT be held liable for ANY damage to your computer, your data file, or to anything else, that may result from its use, or misuse. Please use it at YOUR OWN RISK.

  • Before installing eccoext.exe backup your original “.eco” data files
  • Extract the files of the download and put them into your Ecco folder
  • Load and start eccoext.exe rather than ecco32.exe

That’s all, here is what you gain:

  • The MouseWheel is usable everywhere in EccoPro.
  • Search strings are highlighted.
  • The Folder pane state is restored after reopening EccoPro.
  • The Folder item count will show up in the folder pane.
  • Any Folder item count limit is removed.
  • You can simply type in the search box, it will give you a “search as you type”
  • A sub-folder column now is sortable.
  • Column sort can be persistent and recursively.
  • You can filter a column with just one click on the column caption.
  • You can copy an item text formatted as HTML or RTF.
  • You can lock an item to prevent it to be modified.
  • You can set bookmarks.
  • And lots more ……

Of course, if you are an advanced user, you will likely use:

  • Enhanced Auto Assign rules, to turn Ecco into an intelligent, automatic PIM.
  • A script like jscript or lua, with the option to customize EccoPro to your needs.

A New EccoPro User can simply apply for the EccoPro Support Membership and use the “one-click” automated EccoProX Installer which will combine the setup of EccoPro with the Ecco Extension plus some other upgrades.

Important Notes: