New EccoProX Version released

We just released the 64-bit Installer with Slang’s latest Extension Version available at Let’s clear up a popular misconception discussed at our Yahoo Sister Board. The one-click 64-bit Installer installs a 32-bit EccoPro version 4.01 enhanced with Slang’s famous Ecco Extension. EccoPro’s native code is a 32-bit design. Here are the advantages to use the 64-bit Installer package to install 32-bit EccoPro for Ecco Newcomers and Pro’s alike:

The convenient fully automated setup avoids the manual installation of folders and files in a 64-bit operating environment. The Installer takes care of all necessary file and folder permissions, offers a useful uninstallation option through the Windows Control Panel and will allow you to use Ecco’s Help menu by installing MS Help updates necessary for Vista, Windows 7/8 and 8.1. It will also map your phone book contacts business and home addresses to location and weather maps. Furthermore, we included an EccoPro template by Wil Ussery named “Control.ect” based on the book “Master Your Workday Now!” by Michael Linenberger.

Virus Definition Update

We cleared the Ecco Extension “eccoext.exe” with Symantec, VIPRE, Avast and as of 03/17/2015 also with Bitdefender!

EccoExtension False Positive Malware Alarms

We cleared the Ecco Extension not only with Symantec (Norton) but also with VIPRE Virus Security. VIPRE wrote: We would like to inform you that the samples you submitted “EccoProX – Ecco Extension” was already been updated to our White list. We recommend that we update the definitions to 37594 or newer and check if this works on your end. Joel Reyes, VIPRE Technical Support – ThreatTrack Security

New Ecco Edition 1.8.6 of MyPhoneExplorer Released

MPE does support now EccoPro Outlines, TLI’s and related sub-items for the MPE Notes synchronization. MyPhoneExplorer will use 3 Space Characters Plus “-” Sign plus one Space Character for tabbing. MPE is able to split up the text correctly on back synchronization from the Phone to Ecco. See also

Did You Know?

Did you know that MyPhoneExplorer not only synchronizes Ecco but also Outlook, GMail, Thunderbird, Lotus Notes, Windows Contacts and Windows Calendar to your Android Phones and Tablets?

Compared to the available free version, the US Version of MyPhoneExplorer ads EccoPro Synchronization and is tested “Malware, Bloatware and Advertising Free”.


Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 users should restore their EccoPro Help Menu tab by downloading an update from our Member Download Area at

Ecco Edition Updates

FJSoft released a new free version 1.8.5 without EccoPro Synchronization! The only difference is Category-Support for MPE Notes and MPE Tasks and an added confirmation window if there are more than XX actions to do.

Sadly there is no specific category field in Ecco but the “type” field for a phone book entry with “Unfiled”, “Personal” and “Business” with the ability to add custom categories. As far as we remember the Palm Desktop allowed to sync up to 9 categories.

We are checking if we can add some type of category field to the Ecco Edition. Our problem, the field is not part of the central Ecco data structure, the “Type” folder/column as well as the “Priority” folder/column can be deleted. “Priority” is just a pop-up list with “High”, “Medium” and “Low”. “Call Status” is a check-mark folder/column. “Call Back”, “Left Msg” and “Last Call” are just different folders which do not implement a category-like handling.

FJ added a link to the MyPhoneExplorer Ecco Edition to his Log File at If you are an EccoPro user do not download the free version. The free version 1.8.5 does not cover EccoPro. You should subscribe to the MyPhoneExplorer Ecco Edition which is tested “Malware, Bloatware and Advertising Free”.

MyPhoneExplorer Client Installation

For those who would like to install the MyPhoneExplorer Android Client without using the Google Play Store, MyPhoneExplorer does host an “.apk” file in the program data folder, the file is called “mpeclient.apk”. If the connection is build throught USB then the client gets installed automatically on the device. Also, it is planned to add the sync of reminders for the recurrent date/time functionality for “MPE Tasks”. Once this is done, reminders for Ecco’s recurrent task items would be adapted.

MyPhoneExplorer Ecco Edition Released

We released our EccoPro to Android Synchronization Software and credited all accounts with a free download for those who donated $40 or more to our Fundraiser.

Connect your phone via WiFi, USB cable or Bluetooth and the MyPhoneExplorer Ecco Edition will give you a direct two-way sync of your EccoPro, Outlook, GMail, Windows Contact data with all Android handheld devices based on Android 1.6 or newer “without the Google Cloud option”.

For more detailed Information please visit the MyPhoneExplorer Ecco Edition page at

NetManage and EccoPro

How Impossible Dreams Can Destroy Value In Mid-Sized Firms
        – Forbes article published on 05/30/2013
LinkedIn exchange between Zvi Alon ex-CEO of NetManage and Friedhelm Dohmann:

    • Friedhelm Dohmann Friedhelm Dohmann @ZviYou decided in 1997 watching the playing field and competing with Microsoft to sell NetManage for lack of possible future profits, a right decision at the right time. You forgot one badly treated asset in NetManage’s portfolio, the Information Manager EccoPro, the original dream of Arabesque, acquired a year earlier. Once Microsoft started charging for Outlook, EccoPro would have been a perfect fit for today’s mobile information environment. Since 1997 worldwide 7000 dedicated EccoPro users understood the incredible value created by Arabesque, improved the last NetManage release and adjusted their beloved program to today’s operating systems, including Windows 8.
    • Zvi Alon Zvi Alon Thank you for the note, I am also full of joy to realize the strong (7000) support for the expanded vision NetManage brought to Arabesque’s creation, as well as the progress it made. Too bad I am now on the Mac and I will not be able to join the party. In one of my positions, Chairman of BIA Protect – Electronic Discovery, the legal space, I wish we could have helped in advancing the reach to more users. Best Zvi